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Pre-sales and issues with apartments not settling

by Anthony Alabakov on May 17

There has been significant industry talk in recent times about the oversupply of units, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne. Based on the most recent Core logic release (16/5), it is staggering to know that over 80,000 apartments need to settle in the next 24 months in Melbourne and Sydney. Also Brisbane is over 40,000 and […]

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Why Home Loans and Credit Cards dont mix

by Anthony Alabakov on March 13

One of my first ever clients was a couple in their early 50’, they had a mortgage of just over $400,000 and their property was worth $550,000 with minimal superannuation and no plan for retirement. I was puzzled. How could people nearing retirement not put themselves in a better position than when they arranged their […]

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Budgeting and the importance of tracking your expenditure

by Anthony Alabakov on December 04

Budgeting is crucial habit that’ll have profound effects on the way you view money and spend it. It’s especially important when it comes to saving for the deposit on your home loan or making sure you have enough in the tank to make repayments. A survey by the Financial Literacy Foundation showed that 90 per cent […]

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Ready to unlock equity in your home loan?

by Anthony Alabakov on November 23

It appears that more and more Australians are in favour of unlocking equity for purchases by refinancing their home loan. When it comes to making sure you find the right loan, you’ve got to remember that circumstances can change. Settling into the ins and outs of a mortgage means being prepared and knowing how you’re […]

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Why Developers need to be proactive with pre-sale contracts and purchasers

by Anthony Alabakov on September 19

It’s well documented in the media how the recent APRA and bank policy changes will affect pre-sales contracts and purchasers who entered into a contract more than 3 months ago. We are advising many of our developers who are in this situation to be proactive with these purchasers in ensuring at settlement they can meet […]

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Changing lending landscape

by Anthony Alabakov on August 15

Currently over 55% of all new mortgages with lenders are introduced by brokers. This statistic has increased dramatically over the last 5 years and with the recent lender announcements, increasing interest rates for new AND existing clients, it’s an important time now more than ever to consider reviewing your current arrangement or consider different lenders […]

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