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It's our goal to make sure you feel confident and inspired about taking BIG steps towards your financial freedom.

Our Story

MyMF started with an idea: to create a world class experience.

The leaders of the MyMF Tribe

In 2011, Anthony was working for his dad’s financial planning and accounting firm.

Referring clients to external brokers and noticing how common it was for them to have a poor experience, Anthony decided he’d become a broker and do it differently.

He obsessed over service, friendship, and communication and embarked on a mission to reengineer the entire loan process from start to finish. Adopting new technology and providing online solutions to his clients, MyMF was founded to provide the most superior service available.

But being solely online wasn’t what we were about.

In 2014, when the online space became crowded with banks and brokers paying for leads, we changed tactics and focused our energy on connecting with our clients and being part of their journey. Not just today, but for life. 

Our relationships are what set us apart and our definition of success is the value we bring to our clients lives. 

We’ve come a long way since we started and today, we’re one of the leading mortgage brokers in Australia.

We didn’t get here by luck, but by hard work and continuous improvement in both our process, people, technology, and ability to serve our tribe.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done so far, and excited for what’s to come!

"There’s nothing like owning your own home and getting some investment properties under your belt. With increasing regulations, market uncertainty and lack of confidence in the industry, you'll need expert guidance now more than ever - that's where we come in. "

Who we are

My Mortgage Freedom is an industry-leading mortgage broking business operating Australasia wide.
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We are a team of finance specialists, providing expert advice on Home Loans, Investment Loans, SMSF, Self-Employed, Small-Business, Commercial & Development Funding. With our head office based in Melbourne, we have excelled in the Australian mortgage market by providing the most superior customer experience and innovative solutions to a wide range of customers. With specialists in various areas of finance, we’ve got the right person to help you.

Thanks to our ability to quickly establish confidence through professionalism and a proven track record of excellence in Australia, we’ve expanded into Asia.


To lead our clients to financial freedom through ongoing support, education and product innovation.


Exceed every expectation.

Corporate Values

Never stop learning
Stay Humble
Be Honest
Be professional, but be yourself
Collaborate and achieve
Take ownership
Laugh, smile, and be kind : )

Meet the team

My Mortgage Freedom is built on a teamwork culture.

With constant change in the industry, our team shares knowledge,and up to the minute information. This collaborative approach means that we’re fast, flexible and we’ll get you the best deal with a smile. Through ongoing education, support and innovation we make sure your money works hard for you.

Not only that, but we have a team dedicated to continuing to work with you, after your deal has been settled, to ensure you continue to have the best rates for your situation each year.

Are you ready to make your property work for you?

We know how nerve-wracking it can be to buy property but we’re one step ahead, always keeping our clients up to date and walking them through each stage. We’re a listening ear and a trusted advisor to navigate through the process.
Start with a FREE 10 minute consultation and we'll take it from there.