Finance & The Finer Details

Finance & the Finer Details

Enabling clients to make an informed decision.

As Partnership Manager for My Mortgage Freedom, I oversee the delivery of professional yet personal service to our referral partners. Knowledgeable and tailored solutions supporting a partners core business and enhancing their client experience is a focal point.

Property, Facts, Finance & Filters

When it comes to property finance not everyone understands the maze of options or level of criteria researched to achieve prompt and positive outcomes. This includes many within the industry.

Working with My Mortgage Freedom we take into account the variables that are forever shifting within the property and finance arena. Several brokers backed by ‘The A Team’ of Customer Service & Settlement Managers are at your disposal.

Detrimental to a clients approval and just a few factors finance specialist should be across:

  • Which banks have post code restrictions?
  • Which banks lend to developments 4 levels or less & which consider med-hi density living (hi-rise apartment living)
  • What does ‘project saturation point’ mean and how does it affect your ability to be approved and settle on a purchase?
  • Understanding a valuation can come in less than the contract price & providing strategic alternatives…aside from selling a kidney to pay the shortfall on a loan.
  • Be prepared when signing spilt contracts for off the plan house and land contracts. You may need more than 5 or even a 10% deposit depending on your lending capacity. Sign with an accurate understanding
  • The new craze of Zip Pay / After Pay debts are taken into consideration when banks calculate your ability to repay a loan (serviceability) as do Centrelink / HECS debt.

Reduce time constraints & improve the outcome

Investing time to research finance is a luxury people may not have. Many fall into a ‘set & forget’ management style of their loans. Time also accounts to why some clients approach their banking institution in the first instance when applying for a loan. Often believing it to be the fastest and easiest way. This is commonly untrue nor does it mean a loan offered by the bank will be the most suited to their circumstances.

If you are selling property or sourcing a finance solution (as a business or individual) consider our team of experienced brokers for local and foreign funding.

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Elizabeth Haddick – Partnership Manager

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Thank you to our valued clients, our efforts have been noticed