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Watch what our Off the Plan specialists have to say Buying a property "Off the Plan"??

“Buying off the plan” can be a brilliant way to invest in property or get into a new home. The key benefits, Huge savings on stamp duty, being able to claim depreciation, capital growth whilst not paying interest during construction. The risk is, that you do not get to see the finished product prior to signing the contracts. Although this is normal with off the plan purchases, this is where you need to ensure you get some advice around what to look out for ensuring you are buying off a reputable developer. A proven track record of good quality developments and happy customers is one way of doing this part of your due diligence. It is also important you have your finances in place at the right time as you will not have long to settle once the property is complete. We start this process for you a few months out so there is no delays with settlement, saving you money and a lot of stress. If you are buying off the plan, click “START YOUR EXPERIENCE HERE” and we will send you a checklist to help ensure you are fully prepared to purchase off the plan.

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