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Why I chose Business over University.

From an early age I gravitated towards work vs. going to university, which is what everyone at school perceived to be the “next thing” to do. Straight after year 12, I started my first job at Elders Real Estate where I found my passion for the real estate industry. Fast forwarding nearly 9 years, I’m lucky enough to still have that same passion for property, but with a twist of finance; better known as a mortgage broker.


I knew I wanted to be successful in a business career, but I also knew that being at university wasn’t for me. The traditional way of education just didn’t fit. I wish someone told me that university isn’t everything, and that you can work your way up with the right determination and be just as successful. To have the ability to want to learn and grow, to be passionate about what you do every single day! There’s so much pressure on your final years at school to decide on your career right there and then, that if you don’t… well then, you’ve got hell to pay!


They say that the average person has up to 8 different careers in a lifetime. I wish I had heard this at school because I wouldn’t have felt pressured to choose a career without any real-life experience. What’s the point if you will probably change it anyway, right?!


The moral of the story is, it’s ok to be unsure of what you want to do so long as you’re getting up each morning knowing you’re putting some good back into this world. That’s when you tell yourself “I’m doing great, just keep going”! You only ever get out of life what you put in, life can be so incredibly short so make the most of it!


Assisting clients in their home buying journey is my passion. I get up every day and feel blessed to work with my beautiful team at My Mortgage Freedom and our amazing referrers. Watching my clients evolve along their journey however, is the best motivation of all.



Thank you to our valued clients, our efforts have been noticed