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How the journey started

My Mortgage Freedom is an industry leading mortgage broking business operating Australasia wide. With head office based in Melbourne, the company has excelled in the Australian mortgage market through providing the most superior customer experience and innovative solutions to a wide range of customers. With specialists in various areas of finance, they’ve got the right person to help you.

Expanding into Asia was the natural progression of the company given their ability to quickly establish confidence through professionalism and a proven track record of excellence in Australia.


Our vision is to lead our clients to financial freedom through continued education, support and product innovation.


Ensure experience, exceeds expectation.

Our Cultural Values

  1. Maintain Growth & Development
  2. Stay Humble
  3. Be Honest
  4. Be Professional, but be yourself
  5. Live with Passion
  6. Responsibility – Own It
  7. 2 Heads are Better than 1, Teamwork!
  8. Be full of curiosity!
  9. Don’t forget the laughter & finish the day with a smile :)

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MMF Launch “Freedom Super”- Flexible, competitive SMSF Lending solution – NOW AVAILABLE

by Sean Murphy on October 08

  P R E S S      R E L E A S E “Freedom Super” – SMSF lending solution FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                5th October 2018 In exciting news Melbourne based mortgage broking firm My Mortgage Freedom (MMF) have officially launched “Freedom Super”. Freedom Super is a new SMSF Lending solution for off the plan […]

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Dont put all your eggs (lending) in one basket

by Anthony Alabakov on July 04

Cambridge dictionary states the saying ‘put your eggs in one basket’ meaning is ‘to depend for your success on a single person or plan of action’. I explain what this means in lending at the moment…. I recently sat down with a client who’s family through generations had banked with a major bank for over 100 […]

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Finance & the Finer Details

by Elizabeth Haddick on

Enabling clients to make an informed decision. As Partnership Manager for My Mortgage Freedom, I oversee the delivery of professional yet personal service to our referral partners. Knowledgeable and tailored solutions supporting a partners core business and enhancing their client experience is a focal point. Property, Facts, Finance & Filters When it comes to property […]

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Why I chose Business over University.

by Abbey Reggardo on July 02

From an early age I gravitated towards work vs. going to university, which is what everyone at school perceived to be the “next thing” to do. Straight after year 12, I started my first job at Elders Real Estate where I found my passion for the real estate industry. Fast forwarding nearly 9 years, I’m […]

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Non-Resident Lending, Credit Reporting

by Eric Hu on June 15

Non-resident lending – Credit History report During my time as a mortgage broker in the non-resident lending space, I always have people asking me what a credit history report is, how to obtain it, and why they need to provide this report after I send out the document checklist for a non-resident loan application. Most […]

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The Art of bank valuations

by Anthony Alabakov on May 19

We are fortunate to work with many developers and Real Estate groups across the country and we have learnt a lot about the valuation process with banks and how best to overcome valuation issues to ensure a pleasant experience for a purchaser. Here are our top tips: Off the Plan How to choose a specific […]

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