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Lower Your Interest Rate

Refinance to lower your interest rate

It is no secret that the banks lure you in with a really sharp rate, then over time, your interest rate will fluctuate and after a year or two, you are paying well over what they are offering their new to bank customers. We make it our mission to ensure this doesn’t happen.

We review your current home loan, we’ll first work out if that structure is still suitable, or if your circumstances have changed, then we’ll make a recommendation to either rre-price your home loan with your existing lender, or is it time to switch.

Your Interest Rate

Your Interest Type

Should we look at fixed or variable, or maybe both

Refinance cash-back offers

You can often get paid up to $3,000 to switch

Then we’ll put our proposal forward for you to consider and then start our award-winning home loan application process. The entire process is often less than 4 weeks and it’s only a couple of phone calls and a few emails for you to save thousands of dollars. 

We run a refinance switching calculation to show you how much you would save if you switched, this can be done in less than 5 minutes and you can work out what the best option is for you. 

Book in a consultation to work out what you could save.

Equity Release

Refinance to release equity

Being able to maximise someone’s equity release is an art. Whether it be obtaining the highest valuation, ensuring the lender is comfortable with the amount of cash out or specific policies to assist, having worked with investors for some time we understand how to best maximise the situation.

Our team will run through multiple scenarios and devise a strategy to achieve the result required and guide you through the process on how it will work, so you’re clear on the approach and outcome and can invest for your future prosperity.

Buy a Property

Buying an established investment property

As someone who has been through the process before, you will know how time consuming it can be getting the documents together, completing application forms, then following up the bank for updates as your file makes its way through the process. We’ve designed a simple system that allows experiences borrowers to efficiently navigate the home loan market for the right deal based on unbiased advice. We ensure no features are missed and the ongoing service is complimentary to yout financial objectives. Our Home Loan specialists understand you need a thorough, but fast and efficient service without the need to chase up your own loan process and receive our free annual review service to ensure you are meeting your goals and making your way to financial freedom.

Off the Plan

Buying investment property 'off the plan'

Buying off the plan can mean it is going to be a long wait sometimes. A lot can happen in 2 or 3 years, even a global pandemic as it seems! So we ensure that you are not posing yourself to any unnecessary risk before signing a contract to purchase the property unconditionally.

We assess your ability to settle in the event the property didn’t increase in value while it was being constructed. We ensure the property you have your eyes on is of good quality and we ensure the developer has a good track record to reduce the chances of you being caught out.

Buying off the plan can be a great way to get a high-quality, brand new asset for investment or owner occupied purposes, you just have to do your homework and our team have seen it all.

Are you ready to invest in your next property?

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